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10. 1. 2008

VAŠÍČEK Jaroslav (*8th August 1947 in Ostrava) – director, screenwriter and film producer. He studied Film at a Secondary Technical School in Čimelice (1978) and later in the film and television department of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (1992) and started a successful career as an amateur filmmaker in the 1960s. He worked with the Czechoslovakian and later as a director for Czech Television (ČT) in Ostrava (1970–94). He later became a reporting director around 1990. Since 1991 he has been concentrating on journalism and documentaries. After leaving the ČT he worked as a director in Kabel Plus, a. s. (1994–96). Now he works as an independent director and film producer with the ČT, the Slovakian Television, Spanish television TVE and National Geographic Asia. 


            In 1990 he filmed a documentary based on the themes of his screenplay, Brána do nového života (Gate to a new life), which dealt with effects of prescribed psychotics in a mental home in Opava. The same year he filmed the documentary Cesty za tajemstvím II. (Ways to a Secret II.) for series Po létech (After Years) about treating children with speleotherapy in Mladeč caves near to Olomouc. A year later he filmed Hudba zámeckých archívů (Music from Castles’ Archives), a four-part classical music series and, A já sám…!? (And Me Alone...!?), a portrait of actor Petr Vaněk from Opava and his one-man show. Vašíček also worked on a series of documentaries titled Pohledy zblízka (Close Views) for TS Ostrava. One of which, Virus polarit (1992), dealt with Czech scientist and diver Dr. Z. Ďuriš’s journeys and research in the Arctic. Another named I Perun by záviděl (Even Perun Would Envy) (1992) explored weather anomalies in the north Moravian region. Many other of Vašíček’s documentaries are worth mentioning – e. g. …a život jde dál (...And the Life Goes On) (1992), which tells the story of the actor J. Stanislav, who emigrated from the Czechoslovakia to live in Canada, the USA and the UK. Also, Ekologická anabáze Slezsko (Ecological Anabasis Silesia) (1992) which is about a Czech–American project for restoration of the Silesia region, Ostrov naděje (Island of Hope) (1992) which tells story of a family that takes care of two mentally disabled children who find a new home in a unique farm for mentally disabled people in Topolany near to Olomouc and Pokus o portrét koně aneb Srdce šampiona (Attempt at a Horse Portrait: A Champion’s heart) (1992), which is about storied racehorse Železník, a fivefold winner of Velká Pardubická. Later Vašíček filmed for Kabel Plus, a. s. Přicházejí léčit a pomáhat (They Come to Heal and Help) (1993) about the Teutonic Knights, which was broadcasted on ČT in 1994.


            Vašíček contributed also to travel series like Toulavá kamera (Roaming Camera) or Objektiv (Object-lens) and to educational series O zdraví (About Health) (1991–96). He collaborated with J. Lorencová on Klekánice (1996–2004), which revealed big Czech political and economical issues. He filmed two parts for series Ta naše povaha česká (Our Czech Nature): Je nám už všechno jedno?! (Do We Not Care Anymore?!) (2002) about the privatisation of the Czech press, and Třicetiletá odysea občana Blažka (Citizen Blažek’s Thirty-Year-Long Odyssea) (2002), which was reviewed as the best part of the series in 2002. For the series Osudové okamžiky (Fatal Moments) he filmed part Morávka 1944 (2001) and for Básníci Evropy (European Poets) (1994–98) he made three parts: Naděje a stesky Bulata Okudžavy (Balut Okudžava’s Hopes and Doubts) Jiří Suchý and Gino Paoli.


In 1993 Vašíček filmed FAREBR Fantastický realismus Bohuslava Růžičky (Bohuslav Růžička’s Fantastical Realism) about the remarkable photographer Bohuslav Růžička, whose works were exhibited all over the world, even in the gallery of modern arts in New York. Vašíček was awarded for that documentary by Ostrava municipal council. At the same time he filmed Mít překážky neznamená nebýt svobodný (Having Obstacles Does Not Mean Being Unfree) about painter Bocian, who had lived in Paris since 1938 and was friends with theother Czech painter, František Kupka’s. As an independent film producer and director he filmed two unique documentaries about two Czech glassmakers: Duha ve skle Pavla Hlavy (A Rainbow in Pavel Hlava’s Glass) (1999) and Metamorfózy Bohumila Eliáše (Metamorhosis of Boumil Eliáš) (2000). Later he filmed according to his own script Odkaz věčně živý (Always Alive Reference) (2005), a documentary about the liberation of Ostrava.


Recently, Vašíček has worked on big projects – the first one is called Planeta lidíVýpravy za domorodci Nové Guineje (The Human Planet – Expeditions to the Native Peoples in New Guinea) (7x 25 min., 2005), which focused on the interesting inhabitants of Oceania and was broadcasted on ČT2 in 2006 and on Slovakia TV a year later. The series won many awards: the 7th part called Kombajnové (The Kombayns) won the 2nd prize in category D – Travel Film at the outdoor film festival in 2008, Mittal Steel's prize at MFF TUR Ostrava in 2005 and 1st prize in category E – Documentaries. The 4th and the 7th parts won prizes at the film festival EKOTOPFILM 2005 in Bratislava and the 5th part, Mandala, was awarded a prize at the film festival WELZLOVO FILMOBILE in Zábřeh in 2009. Another of Vašíček’s big documentary series was broadcasted on ČT2 from 7th January to 4th April 2009. This was a twelve-part series of seventeen minute long episodes named, Vivat, Španělsko! (Viva, Spain!) – ¡Viva, Espaňa! (2008), which dealt with Czechs who had decided to live in Spain.    


           Jaroslav Vašíček’s films and series have always been some of the best their kind to be broadcasted. The ČT still broadcasts his even fifteen-year-old documentaries.


            Now Vašíček is working on several new projects.
Mgr. Jaroslav Vašíček
Dr. Martínka 1508/3
700 30 Ostrava–Hrabůvka
Česká republika
mobil:  +420603886991        




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