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Viva, Spain! glorifies Czechs

5. 1. 2009

Source: Mladá fronta DNES – regional mutation: severní Morava a Slezsko (Northern Moravia and Silesia)
Date of issue: 5th January 2009
Section: Kultura – Kraj moravskoslezský (Culture)
Page: 05

Viva, Spain! glorifies Czechs

Ostrava - A dozen Czechs who decided to change their lives and set down in Spain are glorified in a twelve-part documentary serial called Vivat, Španělsko! – !Viva, Espaňa! (Viva, Spain!) made by film producer and director Jaroslav Vašíček. “I went to Spain to find out how was the life of the Czechs like who had come to Spain to find a better living there. I asked them among others how they had coped with such a change and how they had changed their feeling and thinking,” the author of the documentary serial said. He interviewed Jaromír Bažant, Kateřina Alavedra – Duchoslavová, Aleš Dvořák, Iva Fricová, Ladislav Kaplan, Soňa Klimešová, brothers Josef and Viktor Klimt, Jana Michálková – Rubesca, Jiří Popper, Pavel Tragan and Monika Zgustová. Their stories are various; some of them moved to Spain after the velvet revolution, others already came in the 60’s. The serial is being broadcasted from next Wednesday on ČT2 and Vašíček thinks it is a great timing because the Czech Republic has just started chairing the European Union. In spite of a critical director’s view of the Czech Republic, the document shows a hidden potential of Czechs. Today as well as in the past, it stands that the golden Czech hands won’t get lost in the world and the skilful ones succeed abroad more likely than in Czech conditions.



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