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Director Jaroslav Vašíček filmed living of Czechs in Spain

2. 1. 2009

Source: Mladá fronta DNES – regional mutation: severní Morava a Slezsko (Northern Moravia and Silesia)
Date of issue: 2nd January 2009
Section: Kultura – Kraj moravskoslezský (Culture)
Page: 05

Director Jaroslav Vašíček filmed living of Czechs in Spain

Ostrava - Vivat, Španělsko – !Viva, Espaňa! (Viva, Spain!) is the name of a new twelve-part documentary serial made by independent director Jaroslav Vašíček from Ostrava. The author, screenwriter and film maker, at the same time, travelled through Spain, a touristic attractive, sun-drenched country, and he filmed remarkable life stories of Czechs who had decided to settle down in Spain for good. “It is a sociological matter and I touched also the economic-social situation in Spain. All Czechs who appeared in the document feel in Spain very good and would have a problem to leave this country,” the 62-year-old author said. He even compared Spain critically with the current situation in the Czech Republic. “We can take an example by it because living conditions and people are much better in Spain,” Vašíček added pugnaciously. Vašíček decided to look into privacy of a dozen interesting persons. Each of them was asked twelve questions. “We wanted to find out how the people had coped with such a change, how they had changed their feeling and thinking and what they had to do to defend their existence,” the commentary at the beginning of each part introduces. There are several Czechs living in the exotic country, who are worth mentioning, e. g. ex-violinist and currently violin-maker, painter Kateřina Alavedra – Duchoslavová, singer Jiří Popper, translator and writer Monika Zgustová. “I was very lucky as for editor Antonio Pablo Nobre, who gave the right proportion to the serial, as well as the weather, people and terms,” Vašíček emphasized. The serial, whose parts take 17 minutes, appears regularly on ČT2.



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